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5 Technologies:
The system consists of the following processes:


Air filter
(HEPA H14)


Air Filter Activated carbon filter






O3 control

Each of these systems is currently used to carry out disinfection processes in laboratories, hospitals, shops, public roads, homes, etc.

All the systems comply with the standards and homologations endorsed by the main organizations worldwide (WHO - FDA - EPA).


Our great challenge was to combine the five most efficient sterilization technologies in the world into a single system to achieve maximum effectiveness.


H14 HEPA filter.

When the system is switched on, we automatically generate a process to extract air from the environment. When air enters, it passes through the filters, leaving viruses and bacteria trapped in the barrier.
In the first stage, the system has already eliminated most of the viruses.

Activated carbon.

Activated carbon filters for air are used in the filtration of toxic vapors, acids or combustion processes. Our activated carbon filters control the vapors and bacteria that generate bad odors, control the levels of environmental humidity, which causes corrosion and health problems in people with respiratory diseases, thus maintaining a high degree of cleanliness in the air.

High power
UV lamps

Our high-powered direct UV radiation system in the filters instantly removes virus and bacterial residues.
UV radiation is the second barrier for air entering the system, reinforcing the effectiveness of the filters.

Air ionizer

The third process of the system is to return the ionized air to the environment, free of viruses and bacteria.
Air ionization is a process that removes particles from space by means of negatively charged particles that adhere to the positive ones (dust, bacteria or viruses). The ions produce a chemical reaction in the cell membrane that inactivates the virus.

O3 control

The last process of the system, without the presence of people, consists of performing an ozonization of the space, with 500mg/h of ozone, generating powerful cleaning and final sterilization, ensuring a 100% effective result.



Ambient air entering the equipment.


Air passes through the filters Activated Carbon and HEPA H14 where viruses and bacteria are trapped


The air returns ionized to the environment free of viruses and bacteria.


The UV lamp eliminates the virus from the filter.

The night mode must be activated without the presence of people, discharging 500 mg/h of O3, totally sterilizing the place.


Total sterilization

The technologies used, eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Energy savings

The "curtain mode" isolates the environment outside climate, reducing the use of heating and cooling.

Health protection

All the technologies used respecting WHO guidelines.

Air purification

The equipment recirculates the air, returning it ionized to the environment.


There is no negative impact on the environment.


Installation must be carried out by electrically trained personnel


01 Germicidal lamp UV

The lamp is instant-on and provides the ultimate in quality, sustained production and longevity.

02 Polished reflector

The inner surface is made of polished aluminum which provides a highly reflective plane maximizing the intensity of the lamp.

03 Air ionizer

Allows ionized air to be returned to the environment, free of viruses and bacteria

04 Particle filters:

HEPA 14 Filter
Active Carbon Filter.

05 Observation portal / OIII isologo

Allows visual inspection of the lamps.

06 Lamp holder

The set includes a stationary and a spring loaded telescopic stand that holds the lamp securely. The spring function at one end allows quick and easy lamp replacement.

07 Touch screen

It allows to observe the operation of the equipment, temperature, program and air condition.

08 O3 control generator

Ozone generation system controlled by the corona effect.

Stainless steel case

The unit is made of type 304 stainless steel for an attractive finish and reliable service.

Remote control

The equipment has remote control to perform all basic operations remotely.

Standard wall mounting

It consists of (2) pre-drilled stainless steel brackets. The brackets allow the unit to be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Frequent asqued questions

Can the system eliminate Sars-Cov-2?

There are scientific studies where ozone and UV Lamp radiation's effectiveness has been proven to eliminate Covid-19 in the air and surfaces. The use of the OXNOVA III System must be combined with proper personal and local hygiene, social distance and the use of a face mask to avoid infection. We have scientific studies from Pasteur Institut from Uruguay and France , that the OXNOVA III system inactivate the COVID 19 in 30 minutes.

How do you remove viruses and bacteria from the environment and surfaces?

It is a dry system where four verifiable disinfection elements, on effectiveness, interact, instantly killing viruses and bacteria in the environment and any surface; they are Hepa Filters + Activated Carbon filters, UV Lamp, Ionizer, and Ozone Generator (O3 ).

The device has a powerful turbine that absorbs the ambient air and sterilizes it inside, through the Hepa + Activated Carbon Filters, together with the UV lamp that eliminates the remnant of viruses bacteria that could escape to the filter system. In turn, the sterilized air goes through an ionizer where it is returned to the environment, keeping the space protected for 24 hours.

The ozonization process is optional and must be done without people in the environment.

Ozone has fungicidal properties. It destroys viruses and bacteria by decomposing their cell wall; they cannot be immunized against ozone. Therefore, it never loses its effectiveness.

It also eliminates fungi, algae, spores, and mold.

Being a gas, it disinfects places that are difficult to access.

Can it cause any harm to people's health?

Using the system as instructed, you will not be exposed to any risk to your health or that of other people. UV light works inside the system eliminating filter residues. It is NOT in contact with the skin and, therefore, does not represent a threat. The O3 mode must be activated when the zone is clear of people, ozone is an unstable molecule that quickly reverts to oxygen. The half-life (time in which half the ozone in the air decomposes) is 20-60 minutes, depending on the ambient air's quality, temperature, and humidity.

Where should I place the system?

OXNOVAIII OXP-600 and OXP-450 models can be placed in the center of the space to be sterilized, and we recommend that it be installed 2 meters from the floor and in a place that does not have electrical conduction. OXNOVAIII OXP-1000 model should be installed (preferably) over the door, to take advantage of the ¨air curtain¨ that is generated by the power of the turbine, preventing the sterilized air from leaving the interior and the contaminated air from entering the environment.

How often should I replace the filters and UV lamp?

Replacement should be done every 6 months approximately.

What happens if I leave the equipment on all day?

The equipment was designed to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, when the environment is sterilized without people's presence, you can turn off the equipment so that the filters do not collapse.

How do I know what the correct equipment size for my space is?

You must take into account the measurements in m2 of the place where you want to install the equipment and other variables such as flow of people, income and expenses, number of accesses, and others.

OXP-450 20 to 80 m2 - OXP-600 from 60 to 180 m2 – OXP-1000 from 100 to 300 m2.

Can I turn on the air conditioning while the sterilization system is on?

Yes, they can be turned on at the same time, and we recommend it.

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